The Problem

As social beings, humanity needs to experience a sense of belonging and receive support from others to become the best version of itself.

There are different platforms and communities that connect people from all over the world with similar values and lifestyles, but we’ve been unable to find one focused on increasing the responsibility, fun, goodness, prosperity and sustainability of each of its members.

This affects a segment of the population who are focused on enhancing each of these aspects in their lives and environment, the so-called conscious leaders.

These conscious leaders want to make a positive impact on the world around them, but lack the support of a circle of trustworthy people that demands the best of them.

The Solution

Freedom Hackers Tribe offers access to a community that connects and facilitates synergies between conscious leaders focused on empowering their internal and external success in order to reach their full potential, and achieve the change they desire.

Tribe members have access to benefits such as a powerful network of contacts, resources and information just a message away, as a conscious and intentional Google based on access to knowledge, contacts and resources from like-minded people, which in turn is connected to other conscious communities around the world.

In addition, weekly Masterminds are offered on various topics of interest and a series of knowledge hubs where you can enrich different areas of your life by accessing opportunities for personal, professional and economic growth.

In other words, Freedom Hackers Tribe allows them to be the change they want to see in the world.

Who are the Freedom Hackers?

Conscious Leaders

They are the change they want to see in the world

People of all ages

Freedom Hackers Tribe

They believe in a better life and world

From all around the globe, brought together by the internet

They resonate with FHT’s mission, vision and values.

Freedom Hackers Tribe

Why FHT?

Freedom Hackers Tribe is the only community dedicated to serving Freedom Hackers, allowing them to connect with their wants and needs through an approach focused on increasing responsibility, fun, kindness, prosperity and sustainability.

FHT is not a community exclusive to any school of thought, guru, philosophy or religion; accepting anyone who resonates with its vision, mission and values. This plurality-based structure is conducive to focusing on both the professional and personal spheres of each of its members, generating human connections that enhance their internal and external success.